Reinvent the lake city of Ganvié

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In progress

Nicknamed « the Venice of Africa », Ganvié is a lakeside town located on Lake Nokoué, north of Cotonou. By developing its tourism potential, in order to offer visitors an authentic, atypical and original experience, the government also intends to improve the living conditions of the populations. 

The project is structured in four components :

  • reconnect Ganvié, including the construction of a road suitable for floods serving the north of the city and the construction of a logistics platform, the rehabilitation of the Abomey-Calavi pier (structured around the activities of women fish sellers) , construction of pedestrian crossings, and dredging of channels
  • improve living conditions, with the connection of the Ganvié lake areas to the national electricity network, to the supply of drinking water, the rehabilitation of community spaces / public spaces, including the Maison de la Francophonie, to strengthen the center of the city
  • contribute to the development and diversification of resources from Lake Nokoué, on the Ganvié scale
  • support the implementation of the project.

The general objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the populations living in the precarious neighbourhoods of Ganvié, and to encourage the valorisation and diversification of resources from Lake Nokoué. At the same time, it will also strengthen the institutions and beneficiaries to conduct this type of integrated urban project.

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